EPOCH, filmed in the bell tower of St Paul’s church in Ramsbottom, Lancashire during the summer of 2016, sees the protagonist of The Halt Surrender Routine (2014) again observed in intense detail while in an environment that seems at odds with his bearing. The reflective, often confusing but powerful dialogue – which may or may not be the protagonists own – gives a profound sense of of an individual who is brutally aware of “Life’s single lesson: that there is more accident to it than a man can admit to in a lifetime, and stay sane” (Thomas Pynchon, V)

It was all new to him, he was un-berthed, tethers amiss and frayed and he could find no purchase – though he had to admit, there was comfort in the lack of it.

And what does he hear? The roped rosettes of arithmetical ringing, a low key signal now, gated and noise-cancelled, its formulae and patterns impenetrable to him, to all of us.

Stillness was all he hoped for.

EPOCH (4.33 mins)
Film by Darlings of the Cassette Age, October 2016
Music by Marconi Union